I told you I would be back to being myself again … a soft, squishy, marshmallow, who sees the world thru rose colored glasses!


Hello, my wee, merry band of Dibbuns. Last we chatted, I was in a dark place. Loving big also means you hurt big sometimes too, but do you really want to love small? It’s okay … and I’m okay. Thanks to all of you, I had a safe place to let all of the yuck out. Ignore the yuck in life at your own peril! You think your fine, and suddenly you find yourself at a Braves game, screaming at a bunch of strangers to, “To get their lazy, *********,  ********, asses off the elevator and take the stairs, SO REAL HANDICAP PEOPLE CAN GET ON!” I heard, some crazy person did that once … , she may have even been escorted out of the stadium … ?

Anyways, I poured out my heart to you, and released rivers of pain. In return you filled my heart back up with life affirming, love and support. I was reminded, Dennis and I are only alone as we choose to be. I have no words to express my gratitude for the notes, phone calls, and flowers (xoxo Wittens), and that’s coming from a girl who is full of words, said every report card I ever got! So, once again I am a silly, sugary marshmallow. As a matter of fact, after an extensive and challenging competition, I have been named Marshmallow Queen of 997 Market st.! I handily beat out the other competitor, Daisy Florence, due to her lack of opposable thumbs, which kept her out of the baton twirling portion of the competition.

Daisy Florence!

Before any of that happened, though, I received one last surprise related to my story on angelic Helens. This, true story began 4 blog posts back, and chronicles, what I believe to be, my Oma Walls efforts to help me from the mystical hereafter. Grab a treat for yourself, cuddle up on the sofa, or a hammock, and allow me to telll you a story!

I only go to one nail place, Woodstock Hair Salon and Spa on Arnold Mill. I mean yes, a lot of places can do your nails, but how many nail shops can soothe your soul? Woodstock Hair Salon and Spa, is run by Cindy, her sister, Linda, and her mother (everyone calls her Mama)  work there as well. The family are Americans via Vietnam. Cindy’s father worked with the American military during the Vietnam war, so when the U.S. pulled out Cindy’s father was imprisoned for six years. Eventually, after he got out, the family was able to emigrate to the United States.

Cindy’s shop is a quaint, tidy, little shop, cheerfully decorated in peaches and corals. The Bible verses and inspirational quotes on the walls, give evidence to the owner’s faith. The proof of their faith however, is in the way they treat their customers.

There are times, when Dennis isn’t doing well, and we are knee-deep in the mire of Multiple Sclerosis. During those times, going to Cindy’s for a little self-care may be the only fun thing we can do. When Dennis and I walk, (roll) in, we are greeted with warm smiles and genuine interest as to how we, and our whole family, are doing. Dennis gets his hair cut there, but he is also just happy to come along and watch me get my nails, done while he chats with the ladies.  If I try to sneak out to go to Cindy’s without him, there will be considerable pouting. It’s just a happy place to be! Mama is a neck rubbing machine, and although her English is a little shaky, she is fluent in the language of loving care. Linda, is so friendly and fun, she always has me laughing about something! Cindy, is always kind, energetic, and dressed smartly, like you are worth the effort to look nice!

One day it was pouring rain (Dennis couldn’t come and he was pissed), we had already had 3 doctors appointments that week and I was getting grumbly, so I went out to Cindy’s for a manicure. After my nails were done and I was paying, a young lady walked in. This girl had never been in the shop before and had come in search of a new look for her long, straight hair. Cindy was chatting with her about what kind of hairstyle she was going for and she asked the girl, “Do you want it short like Leana’s?”. The girl paused and looked at me for a minute then she said “Hmmm … Helen can you turn around so I can see the back?” …Helen??? Again! Like Helen, my sweet Oma Helen, like Helen the lady who got us $98,000, like Helen the massage therapist with angel hands? I have no idea what made her call me Helen, I checked and the name Helen peaked in popularity in 1930!. Once again, I got that twinkly, buzzy, warm feeling, that happens to me when there is unusual energetic vibrations going on.

I  went home, and all night, my little brain tossed around, what had happened, I started to think maybe my mind had played tricks on me. I couldn’t take it anymore, so the next morning, I went to back to Cindy’s and asked her if she recalled the girl calling me Helen yesterday? Immediately, she said yes and she had thought it was strange because Leana sounds nothing like Helen!


MY GLAM SQUAD AT WOODSTOCK HAIR SALON AND SPA, MAMA, CINDY & LINDA AREN’T THEY GORGEOUS! – p.s. if you go in to see my gals, say hi from me and Coach!

  WellWow … ! I feel like I am being given tiny delicious, morsels of miracles, to keep me not just going, but to reassure me I am on the right path. Maybe you don’t believe in anything beyond this realm? Understandable … but do you believe that love changes things?  Well, something seems to be working to create an awful lot of coincidences. I believe it’s love.

Honestly, I am in awe, and I wonder, am I seeing all these signs because I asked for them, or because I’m looking. You know what my little turtles, it really doesn’t matter. Today, I have hope and strength for the journey. Tomorrow … well that’s going to be a new story, with new hurdles. I have confidence that brand new people will be placed on my path to ease my journey. Hopefully, I in turn, will be given the opportunity to glam up someone else’s road. I mean really, if you can’t make something easier … you can always make it prettier! When my sister Carla and I were lazing about, my Mum, (Oma Irene), used to always say, “Girls put some lipstick on, you’ll feel better!”

See, Dibbuns, Mummies are always right, we feel great! XOXO Leana & Dennis

Up next … I will tell you all about achieving task #6, Dance with Dennis standing up(ish). YAAASSSSSS, he lived!!!

Until then Sashay and Frolic on!!! We’re all in this together!

Woodstock resident Ty, Sashaying on the railroad tracks in Woodstock, GA … oh, and ladies, shockingly, he’s still single!

Love, Mummy, Auntie Lee-Lee, Goose, Tart, or whatever you call me!

P.S.-Put your lipstick on!