On to rest of my tasks!

Oh Shit, it’s already the middle of July!



My darling Dibbuns, for those few of you who are not my biological children, a Dibbun is a small, adorable, furry, creature of all species. These fluffy, mischievous, notorious pie stealers and balls of joy reside at Redwall Abbey, in the marvelous children’s book written by Brian Jaques (see picture above). When Kyle and Amanda were little, I loved calling them my Dibbuns, we read the books piled in my bed together and they squealed with delight as they listened to the shenanigans of the little woodland creatures.  Clearly, I am quite a maternal person; when I was little, I used to tuck all my stuffed animals and Barbies in my bed and then sleep on the floor beside them. I am pretty sure at some point during the night I returned to my bed, half asleep, and unwittingly asphyxiated my charges, but you get the point.

So, now you know that no matter what your age is, whether you are older than me or not since you have chosen to take this journey with me regardless if you are doing so willingly or coerced, you are my Dibbun too! If you do not feel comfortable being referred to as a Dibbun, we are not kindred spirits anyways, so feel free to delete my blog from your universe. Thus, here we are my Dibbuns, five months from fifty with much frolicking left to do on my list.

Now, along with my own children, I have collected a string of unofficially adopted kids to satisfy my motherly cravings. I have my two blonde daughters, Alexa and Lauren whom, to be perfectly honest, are a hybrid of what I figured my own daughter would be like, tall, blonde and bubbly.  I have been delighted to have instead given birth to a petite, dark-haired little girl, who is far smarter than I am and definitely much more down-to-earth, she has been such an unexpected delight in my life. Since my own sweet Son has flown to the great white north, I have been forced to find son-like emulations. Of my American adoptees, there is my Lacrosse superstar with the gorgeous red hair, Hunter Forbes and Kyle’s good friend Brian Martin, who is as cool as a Winnipeg, winters night. My selection of faux children is also quite international, there is Jose Gomar, the Guatemalan son I love but never wanted (he lived in my pool house for several months and I didn’t even know it)! Sheryar Ali, my Pakistani son (even if he and Amanda break up, I’m keeping him); and last but not least, my Colombian son, the one who keeps me on my knees praying. He is too good looking for his own good, and full of Latin fire, Esteban Suarez.

                                                           Task #3                                                                  The piano recital, was a smashing success! Not due to my musical prowess but because of the good cheer (liquid and spiritual) and warm support from all in attendance. In order to distract from my playing, I convinced Mandi Strachota, an extremely talented local singer, to sing while I played. Mandi definitely earned herself a star in heaven for this one, trying to follow my playing was like trying to teach a cat to pole dance.

I must say though, I felt my parents stole the show, they were marvelous! You would have thought their daughter was a child prodigy performing at Carnegie Hall. When in actuality she is a middle age woman, muddling through two beginner pieces of music to a room full of alcohol lubricated friends and family. My shy mother looked fabulous in a lovely outfit she bought while they were in Italy, and had prepared the cutest, funniest speech on how “I became a concert pianist”. My dad was taking pictures like he was a paparazzi following Adele. So many times in my youth I backed out of things like being on a basketball team, performing anything in public, doing recitals etc, out of fear of looking stupid and embarrassing myself. Guess what! I did look “stupid” and I had an absolutely wonderful time. That night while I was drifting off to sleep I told Dennis I felt like a princess who was wearing a crown of love, wrapped in a silk gown of and, wrapped in a silk gown of accomplishment. Dennis said I am a princess, (isn’t he splendid and under the influence of Ambien) so I must be because he is amazing and in fact the true hero of this story!

Mum and Dad, poor things this may be their highlight of raising me!

On to #10, do something special with Katie. This has been officially announced as help her PLAN HER WEDDING!!!! On May 30th, Katie got engaged to Jake Walsh in downtown Woodstock. It was a wonderful event and Amanda and I had a great time decorating the gazebo for the big moment. We all truly love Jake and are very happy!



Other Dibbuns, listen to this crap! I love Katie, she is truly my bonus daughter and I am thrilled she has found the love of her life.  Generally, Katie is a reasonable, sweet and level headed person, but I’m afraid we have a Bridezilla on our hands! I explained to Katie that her Dad and I didn’t really have a choice but to elope so as to avoid drama, and I never got to wear a wedding dress when we got married. Then the other day it was like God whispered in my ear the most inspired idea, Katie and I should wear MATCHING WEDDING DRESSES🤗🤗🤗. I Know, perfect right??? but little miss it’s all about me and my wedding, pulled a face like she just licked toad poop. She kept going on and on about how “only the bride wears a wedding dress at most weddings”, “People might be confused and think it’s a lesbian wedding with two brides”, and the rudest one “Aren’t you too old to wear a white wedding dress anyway?” I guess it’s true, you don’t really know someone until you see how they behave when planning their wedding. Thankfully, God whispered in my other ear an almost equally scrumptious idea, I am going to choreograph an interpretive dance piece to be performed (by me, of course), while Katie and Jake read their vows. Can’t you just imagine how my beautifully nuanced, graceful moves will help bring to life the beautiful, spiritual bond being woven between the bride and groom! I’m sure you agree a simple, white leotard and head scarf would set the right mood. Hmmm, some glitter probably needs to be involved here. So, it’s a plan, that’s number 10 well in hand.

Alas, very sad news about #4, find a friend 40 years older. Another potential candidate has gone to be with the angels before we got to be friends 😢. I’m beginning to feel like the grim reaper of the blogging world, this is my third potential “older friend” to pass on. If I call you and ask to be your friend you had better make sure your will and affairs are in order! I am also still working on #5,6,7&8 but will publish # nine next week.

At the halfway point of this project, I can already clearly see a few things. Firstly, the world does indeed think I’m weird, but by far, the majority likes that! That’s such a relief because normal is so utterly exhausting. Secondly, I have not only been blessed with terrific family and marvelous children but I have chosen extremely well in my choice of friends. In a world full of “social media props” for friends, most relationships rarely dip below the façade of appropriateness, beneath the surface, into murky, sometimes gritty reality. I have, gratefully, made real, honest and true friends. My gratitude number keeps climbing as I drudge on!

Lastly, it’s often the unplanned moments that are most memorable. Half an hour before my recital Mason Wren, a relatively new addition to the Conway circus, came a little early. I was in my geisha kimono, rollers in my hair, a glass of wine in hand getting more nervous by the minute. Mason (who drove Dennis to every Lacrosse game for me) jumped in to turn pages for me and told me it was fantastic. I was ready to conquer the world!. Also, several people, I wrote a “love letter ” to have told me they were inspired to write their own letters or make their own lists. Just a few of the unexpected emotional gems of this process.

Well, goodbye, for now, my sweet Dibbuns, it’s 1 a.m. and time to dream, I would tuck you all in if I could. I will be drudging on through my list and keep you in close contact and closer in my heart.

Love Lee-Lee XOXO

-Thanks again to CC, the cutest sweetest editor ever!

1 thought on “Oh Shit, it’s already the middle of July!”

  1. Dearest Leana,
    I am sitting in your parents’ veranda at Victoria Beach, reading your blog. I love your latest entry and wish you were right here beside me so we could laugh together. Congratulations to the newly betrothed couple, and wish them all the luck in the world as you carry out your plans for their wedding!


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